Wellcome to Eastern Red Cedar
Red Cedar Trees
Eastern Red Cedar also know as juniper us Virginian grow from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. There are three kinds of cedar. eastern re, rocky mountain juniper and south west cedar, Only the red cedar with the red heart will not rot. The oldest reported red cedar in the state s is 795 years old. the largest red cedar we have ever cut was 48" across. It was logged and shipped over seas. We have saw on the cedar sawmill a lot of 30' in to eastern red cedar cants. We have turned red cedar logs in to cants and sold the here in the USA and exported the for 26 years now.( 1986) Every thing is used fro the eastern red cedar, red cedar slabs are used for cedar mulch and cedar shavings. Cedar sawdust is used for bedding and cedar oil. eastern red cedar lumber in used in crafts and gifts. We buy tracts of red cedar, logs, slabs and eastern red cedar cants. we are always looking for new supplier's of any thing to do with red cedar. cedar can be logged just about every 10 years and the smaller eastern red cedar trees can be used for red cedar post. if you get time come sit a while. the coffee pot is always on. just give us a call and we will show you around. 870-749-2091, blue eye ar. 72660.

Here at EasternRedCedar.net we have been importing and exporting   eastern red cedar for 31 years we aim to please each customer. We have a+ business rating world wide