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Easter Red Cedar Cabins

From the longest time in history, the beginning in time for cedar wood, eas tern red cedar has been put up in a number of ways. Some cedar cabin building methods are easier than others and cost more or less than each other. The 1st method was with a red cedar tree cut to length. They hand hound with a flat piece of steel on a handle and flatted on two sides of the log and stacked with cheaking (mud) to cover the air gaps. Then the day of the old steam engine saw mill came along. The cedar cabins where squared put on four sides and stacked and spiked with wooden dowels. There is also the post and beam cedar cabins. They are posts up right and beam roofs with plank siding out of cedar, or batten siding. Today’s cedar cabin are either round 2 sides or square 4 sides, with a groove in the center of the log, with caulking instead of cheaking with mud. The other way is to frame up and put 1" by 6" V-Max lap cedar siding, with a coat of lacquer finish.

Eastern Red Cedar Cabinets

We have a union cabinet maker, who makes eastern red cedar cabinets to fit your specs. They are made from solid eastern red cedar, with raised panel doors. They have 3 coats of high gloss lacquer. They also build hutches, and anything to do with red cedar.